Duo with Percussion

duo 2

In 2013 I got together with Brazilian percussionist Tuca Milan to work on some of my compositions with a view to recording and gigging. We got quite a way down the road with the project but then life intervened: my mum became very ill and I found myself juggling work and care, and Tuca became very busy with other projects. My mum died in September 2014 and Tuca and I were aiming to pick up again when my injury happened…

(These are rehearsal recordings, not finished products.)

duo 3

duo 2Remix

Tuca’s favourite, and probably our most original tune but definitely a scary one for me: no stopping once you’ve started, very rhythmic, very relentless. Tuca plays a pandeiro (a wonderful Brazilian tambourine-like instrument) plus foot percussion.


A fairly straightforward, groove number. Tuca plays cajon and cymbals. It’s called Enough because at the time of writing I decided I’d procrastinated enough over live performance. That was 2010. I’ve continued to procrastinate for the next 5 years!


This tune is hard! It starts with three sections in a slow 3, then has a bridge where the feel shifts to a swung 4, and then repeats all three sections in the 4/4 feel.

(A hockett is a 2 part rhythm where one part fills in the gaps left by the other. In the opening piano riff, the right and left hands work like this).

Mbor 1

At the start of 2013, and utterly unexpectedly, I found myself in love and in the heady flow of creativity that this state brings. This is one of two tunes inspired by Mbor and named after him. Tuca is on kit here. It was early days for this tune, and it has evolved quite a bit since, but this gives an idea.

Photos by Bruna Mush