Solo Piano Miniatures


These are some of my composed – (ie without improvisation) – pieces for solo piano.

Treading Water

A relatively recent composition and very minimal: just one rhythmic idea and 2 chords – repetition with slight, ebbing changes. Life can feel like treading water for loooong stretches…

Circle Re-visited

This one is ancient and originally existed just as its current opening section: (2 parts in lower register.) More recently, I sang a third lower line against these parts recorded 2 octaves higher… and then set myself the task of learning how to play all three parts simultaneously… which took a while…

draw3Strange Little One

The main chord sequence for this was set as an assignment many moons ago by Goldsmiths tutor, George Adie. The piece subsequently evolved into this strange, filmic little number with the contrasting waltz sections, and the changes in tempo.

(I don’t have a whole, current version of this tune so this is an edited composite from practice).