mumgreyI’m no vocalist and up until a few years ago, sang only with extreme reluctance and embarrassment. I have also, however, grown up under the influence of a mother who saw the voice as key to self-discovery*. It was impossible, as a musician, not also to yearn to sing.


*My mum, Sheila Braggins, studied extensively with the pioneering voice teacher Alfred Wolfsohn, in the late 1950s and early 60s and later wrote his biography.

Thinking of Fi

Fi 17This was written in memory of my oldest friend Fiona Freedland. We were soul-mates at seventeen and never lost our deep sense of connection. Fi had exceptional integrity, insight and courage and during her 5 year struggle with cancer, retained immense joy in her life in spite of the physical and mental agony. Thinking of Fi in her latter years, I think of major then minor, of activity then lull…


Win3Place was one of the first things I wrote on piano, back in the early days of living in Forest Hill with my great friend, Winston Skerritt. The vocal percussion and sung melody were added to the composition much later and this recording is from 2013.

I don’t seem to do words! (with one exception, not included here). Winston, by contrast is a genuine songwriter, writing brilliant lyrics. Listen to more of his music here!


As the title implies, this is voice only. When I first started allowing myself to sing, it would only happen in the car and one day I found myself singing this melody. I was listening to Henri Texier’s wonderful solo album around that time and I think that was an influence.